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Apple Festival in Kiperunta, Limassol

Cypriots are hospitable people who annually hold a large variety of celebrations and holidays. So today we’ll talk about another festival, dedicated to apples. It is held in the village of Kiperunta near Limassol. Cyprus24.taxi will help you get to the venue of this unusual holiday from anywhere on the island. So welcome to Apple Festival!

The village of Kiperunta where Apple Festival is held

Welcome to Kiperunta, the apple capital of Cyprus, and Apple Festival

Kiperunta is rightfully called the apple capital of the island. This is where a third of the total apple crop in Cyprus is grown - orchards with apple trees of different varieties surround the village for kilometers. The whole life of the locals here is hinged on this fruit - some of the villagers grow apples, someone sells them, someone prepares local delicacies from them, like pastille or apple liqueur. Due to financial benefits earned from exporting harvested crops, Kiperunta has become one of the richest, best developed and densely populated villages in Cyprus. We strongly recommend visiting this beautiful place; with Limassol taxi you can easily get to Kiperunta at any day and time.

Apple gardens near Kiperunta

Apple Festival in the village of Kiperunta

In October, when the fruit-picking season ends, the villagers prepare for an unusual event. The apple festival is celebrated on a grand scale - guests come from all cities and villages, many musicians and artists are invited. The entertainment program is quite rich - there are exhibitions of new varieties of apples, and various contests, and performances by local music groups, and dances for everyone. Those who are interested in learning new skills can take part in workshops on making paluse (traditional sweets) from apple juice or visit a master-class dedicated to traditional Cypriot crafts. And for the youngest guests of Kiperunta there is special Kids Zone with bouncy castles, swings, etc. 

Battle of chefs at Kiperunta Apple Festival

As for the sweets and treats, apple festival guests are offered:

  • pies and tarts,
  • Candies and pastilles,
  • Jams and marmalades
  • Apple juice
  • Cider
  • Strong drinks, such as apple zivania.

Local chefs and guests of the venue even organize a contest for the best apple pie, and everyone who wants to try this amazing pastry can be one of the judges.

 Battle of chefs in Kiperunta

During the festival, gardeners of Kiperunta organize a mini-fair where you can buy apples, traditional sweets, alcohol and local souvenirs. Everyone who wants to attend such a bright and merry event can get to the apple capital of Cyprus with Limassol taxi.

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