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Agia Solomoni Catacomb, Paphos - miracle, made by nature and people together

Saint Solomoni Catacomb in Paphos is a famous historical and religious site, known for its unique chapels and church, which are located under the ground. People often characterise this place as a temple created by nature together with people. Christians from all over the world agree that it is one of the most unusual shrines on earth. So if you are interested in visiting this place, Cyprus24 taxi service will help you to get to St. Solomoni Catacomb in a short time.

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Saint Solomoni Catacomb, Paphos

The Legend about Saint Solomoni Catacomb, Paphos - from ancient times to the present day

The legend about Agia Solomoni tells us about the period when the island was captured by the Romans. Solomonia, who was a very religious person and true believer, refused to give up Christianity, change her faith and participate in pagan rituals. In order to escape the imminent execution, the woman with her sons hid in the catacombs, but the pagans who persecuted them, found it out and blocked all the exits. In fact, they left poor Solomoni and her family to die in the catacombs. But 250 years later a real miracle happened: people opened the entrance to the catacombs and Solomoni with her sons came out on God’s earth alive and unharmed. She was proclaimed a saint (Agia).

Underground spring and the tree of wishes in Saint Solomoni Catacomb

Now the relics of Saint Solomoni are kept in one of the cells in the catacombs; locals and tourists come here to ask the Saint to grant them the abolition of diseases. Also there is an underground spring in the catacombs. Locals believe that the water from this spring can heal ocular diseases and sight disorders. Next to the main catacombs entrance there is a large pistachio tree, decorated with colorful ribbons and pieces of white cloths. The visitors tie it to the tree branches, so that Saint Solomoni could see their devotion and be supportive of their requests. If you want to check if these old omens really work, Paphos taxi will take you to the catacombs.

Saint Solomoni Catacomb, Paphos

Agia Solomoni Catacomb, Paphos - a miracle, created by nature and people

Even those who are not interested in religion, will find many interesting things to see in the catacombs of Agia Solomoni. This unique place was created by the mutual work of nature and people. During hundreds of years underground caves and secret grottoes connected by passages and labyrinths were formed. Later, the Christians built a church in the catacombs, decorated a cave, made a chapel and several cells in which the relics of the holy great martyrs are still kept. For many years, people furnished the underground rooms with stone carvings and wall paintings, created frescoes, built unique altars, brought beautiful icons. It’s one of the must-see places in Cyprus. You can easily get to the catacombs with Paphos taxi.

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