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Magic Dance Waters show - dancing fountains in Protaras

Even the most sophisticated travelers who’ve attended a lot of entertainment events agree that the performance of dancing fountains in Protaras is one of the most amazing, attention-catching, and original shows in the world. Cypriot experts who carried out the design of the fountains, created a real magic.So next time you come to Cyprus, be sure to visit Magic Dance Waters - with Protaras taxi you can easily get there.


Show program of dancing fountains in Protaras

Each performance of the dancing fountains includes 3 separate mini-shows:

  • Laser show - holographic performances about Zorba the Greek, the secrets of the universe, and the seven wonders of the world
  • Dancing jets - water flowing under pressure falls down like a sparkling curtain, hits high into the sky, scatters with droplets.
  • Volcano Eruption - a large fountain simulates a volcanic eruption in Cyprus. Thanks to the fire cannons, the flamethrowers tossing the burning balls, and the orange-red backlight that makes the water looks like a flowing lava, the viewers are given the impression that they are facing a real volcano.

With Cyprus24.taxi you can admire this wonderful performance, no matter where your hotel is located. We offer transfer to Protaras from any city or village in Cyprus.

Dancing Fountains, Protaras

What makes dancing fountains show so unique

Technical equipment of the dancing fountains includes 500 large spotlights, 1,500 big and small LED lamps, 2 enhanced laser systems, 18,000 water nozzles, from which water is supplied under pressure. These special effects, the effect of the dance of water jets with light rays is created. The design of the fountains is also very unusual. For example, to decorate the fountain that symbolizes the famous Etna volcano which erupts at the end of the show, materials (volcanic stone) were brought from Naples.

The soundtracks of the show deserves special mention - here you can hear both classics and modern hits in different languages, including English, German, Japanese, Russian and many more. The songs are carefully selected, the shapes and movements of the fountains change depending on what musical piece is currently playing. It looks like the fountains really dance to the music.


Dancing Fountains, Protaras

Useful information for those who’d like to visit the dancing fountains in Cyprus

The Magic Dance Waters show is designed for visitors of all ages, so we recommend taking your little travelers with you. You can watch the dancing fountains on weekdays’ evening; the venue is open from April to November. The show usually starts at 9 p.m. and lasts approximately one hour. You can buy tickets in advance, online, or buy them right on the spot (in this case, we advise you to arrive early in order to take good places). The entertainment complex, where the show takes place, also offers dinners - the supper starts at 20.00. A bar and a tea room are open daily for guests of the complex. And to get to the venue, just call Protaras taxi.

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