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Green Monday - how people celebrate this big day in Cyprus

Monday is a fun day if it's Green Monday in Cyprus. It symbolises the beginning of Lent, which most Cypriots observe strictly. It’s such an unusual holiday that is fun to spend with local citizens. With Protaras taxi you can celebrate Green Monday in Cyprus - just book a car and you are ready to party.


Flying kites on Green Monday

Monday is a fun day: how people celebrate Green Monday in Cyprus

The beginning of Great Lent is always celebrated by following certain rituals and making traditional dishes. Light-hearted Cypriots even from such a day have made a cheerful family holiday. Green Monday is the official weekend on the whole island. It begins with cleaning houses and courtyards; then everyone goes on a picnic. Since meat cannot be consumed, people cook grilled tuna, octopus and squid, bake vegetables and serve it with light sauces. In addition, on this day, the meal does not do without traditional festive baking - there are bread in olive oil, and Tahinopitos buns stuffed with grated sesame, and lean pies with halloumi and spinach, and a sweet cake with pumpkin and raisins. If you decide to visit Cyprus at the time of fasting, we recommend you join the fun and enjoy traditional dishes. With Protaras taxi service you can celebrate Green Monday at any city or village of the island

Kira Sarakosti, symbol of Green Monday

Kali Sarakosti! Happy Green Monday

During Green Monday, Cypriots greet each other with the words “Kali Sarakosti!” - this means “I wish you a good Lent!” According to the old tradition, on this day, children and adults make a small doll with seven legs (as there are seven weeks of fasting in Lent) from unfermented dough. Her name is Kira Sarakosti or Mrs. Lent.

Green Monday and flying kites

Like any other holiday, the first Monday of fasting is celebrated not only with tasty food, but also with different entertainments. Cypriots sing and dance, take part in competitions, watch artists and musicians performing in public places. One of Green Monday’s traditional entertainments is kite flying. Cypriots truly believe that the kite can take away all the sins when flying to the sky. That’s why in the evening they fly colourful kites and the sky is dotted brightly with beautiful tails. You can also buy a few ones and let them fly away. Of course, this will not save us from sins, but still it will add a warm feeling of festive atmosphere to your evening.

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